First Baptist Church Preschool

Director:  Emily Rhoades
Teacher:  Allie Culbertson

Our goal at First Baptist Church Preschool is to provide early learning opportunities in a Christian atmosphere which are fun and help make each child’s first school experience positive and successful!

Class Time

Monday – Thursday
8:15am – 10:45am (3-4 yr old)

Preschool Activities

 Our students are engaged in numerous daily learning activities. Children are able to learn through play and thematic learning. They are able to develop both fine motor skills and gross motor skills. We also learn one Bible story every week.
Each year the students have a Christmas program in mid-December and a graduation
program at the conclusion of the school year.
We take a fall trip and a spring trip in addition to other educational opportunities
that are available in or near our community.

Future Success of Students

After completing our preschool program, our students are prepared to make the next step in furthering their education and continue as successful students. Our preschool graduates often screen at the highest performance level upon entering kindergarten. Their early social interactions with their preschool friends will lead to lifelong friendships. We enjoy hearing of our graduates success in their continuing educational experiences in K-12 and beyond.

We look forward to the opportunity of teaching your child at our preschool!